Triggering conversations don't have to be terrible, they can even be healthy!  

In this guide you’ll learn the #1 skill that can help you prepare for the conversations you know you need to have, but you don't want to – and have them go better than expected!



There are conversations we dread having

So we either avoid them altogether or we have them in unproductive ways e.g.: we aren’t clear, we judge, we try to be right, etc. This leaves us feeling angry at ourselves, ashamed, or resentful towards others. 

... Yet our triggers hold the key to deeper connection

We can become masterful at avoiding differences, but this only leads to deeper disconnection, when in fact, learning to have hard conversations is the thing our relationships and communities most need.

In our step-by-step workbook you’ll learn:

The #1 relational skill that can help turn any triggering conversation into an opportunity for deeper connection.

A 3-step process to help you prepare for any disagreement or “hard conversation” and have it go better than expected!

Exercises that can help you clarify the emotions and assumptions that exist between you and the other person.

A bit about us...

Hi there, I'm Verónica, founder of Between Us.

Between Us offers global gatherings and online programs where you'll practice how to turn triggering topics and conversations into opportunities for growth and deeper connection. 

For the last 4.5 years, we've gathered around the world to discuss the key universal topics that shape our lives, yet we rarely talk about them with others e.g., money, grief, belonging, anger, failure, and so much more. 

Practicing having kinder, more honest, and courageous conversations can strengthen our confidence and compassion.

Download our free guide and prepare to experience deeper connection - even when things are complex.

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